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Why Plastic?

Why not...

The narration of the Tuff Punt is as follows - we wanted a durable, versatile vessel that would endue the elements of the marine environment.

RA Marine uses Polyethylene (PE) plastic as the core material in our innovative construction.

The benefits —›

  • Plastic has a low friction co-efficient which means less drag which results in better vessel performance.

  • Plastic is relatively light - approximately 1/3 the weight of aluminium.

  • Plastic requires minimal maintenance -  don't rust, corrode or suffer electrolysis.

  • Plastic construction also means it is unnecessary to use antifouling which is harmful to our environment.

  • Marine growth will grow on the hull but will not permeate the product - simply scrape marine growth off hull, when necessary.

  • As polymers are longer chain molecules they give plastics a memory resulting in high impact resistance unlike metals or glass. Plastic will not damage pile coatings and infrastructure which is a problem with counterpart materials.

The end result is a safe, strong, versatile vessel that will withstand the various elements of the marine environment.


  • Fast Response Oil Spill Vessel
  • Crew Transfers
  • Diving Operations
  • Construction Work
  • General Purpose


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