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Hire Information

Chartering a Vessel

Chartering a vessel provides a low risk alternative to ownership. There are no future residual costs -  you pay for the term of the agreement.  

RA Marine provides the use of our vessel in return of regular payments. Charter terms and conditions are negotiable as costs will depend on length and type of vessel usage.

Outright purchase of vessels can be an option – available on consult.

We have a dedicated team of consultants to ensure that all client enquiries are responded to in a timely and professional manner.


A -18 Rous Head RD,

North Fremantle WA 

E - info@tuffpunt.com.au

Ph- 0427 552 553

Operational guidelines

  •  Survey exempt vessel in C class registration

  • Operations  within 5Nm of the continuous mainland.

Terms and Conditions - negotiable, please contact our consultants.


  • Fast Response Oil Spill Vessel
  • Crew Transfers
  • Diving Operations
  • Construction Work
  • General Purpose


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RA MArine Solutions - TuffPunt RA MArine Solutions - TuffPunt
Mobile - 0427 552 553
Email - info@tuffpunt.com.au

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