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Why Tuff Punt

RA Marine offers a number of advantages over other vessel providers.

  • Our vessels are made of Polyethene plastic which needs minimal maintenance and will outlast other materials.

  • Our vessels are durable - they don’t rust, corrode or suffer electrolysis.

  • Being made of plastic also means that our vessels don’t use antifouling which has harmful effects on the environment.

  • Marine growth will not inhibit the product - simply scrape growth off the hull as necessary.

  • It can be expected that the hull structure of the boat should last for ten or more years without any maintenance to the hull structure.

  • The plastic structure means that it will less likely damage infrastructure.

  • Designed to be transported anywhere throughout Australia either via sea container or towed.

Vessels are delivered ready to work in compliance for WA DPI and USL CODE standards.Operational within 5Nm of mainland and/or within 3Nm of a mother ship.



  • Fast Response Oil Spill Vessel
  • Crew Transfers
  • Diving Operations
  • Construction Work
  • General Purpose


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